Causes of Prostatitis

Causes of Prostatitis : Causes Of Prostatitis May Differ Depending on the Type of Prostattis That the Patient is Suffering From . Acute bacterial Prostatitis , Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis are The 2 types of Prostatitis that can be widely among men now a days , These 2 types of Prostatitis Acute , Chronic bacterial Prostatitis Are commonly caused Due to the Untreated Bacterial infections , Which can be A Urinary Tract Infect by a Bacteria or A Urethral Infection by a Bacteria , The Bacterial that was ether left untreated or Diagnosed Lately has a Great Chances of Spreading to the Prostate , Once the Prostate is Infected with bacteria the Depending on the Bacteria That Infected the Prostate the damage can be done to the Prostate and Severe Symptoms May appear among the Patients suffering from Acute & Chronic Bacterial Infections .

CPPS Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome is an other type of Prostate Problem that Is also a Major Prostatitis Type that can be seen Among large number of Men Regardless of Age . The Accurate Cause for this Type of Prostatitis Can Is Unknown , But the Research shows that Causes such as Previous Bacterial infections , Damaged Nerves around prostate area , Bacteria that are resistant to Antibiotics , Urinary Tract Problems are known As the Causes of CPPS Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome or Non Bacterial Prostatitis .

BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is an other Type of Prostatitis which is caused due to the Increase in the Number of Cells in the Prostate Gland , Due to Increase in the Number of cells in the Prostate gland the Enlargement of the Prostate Gland Occurs , Thus Causing the Prostate gland To Squeeze the Urethra Which is Present or Passing through the Prostate Glad , which Causes the Weak Urine Flow , Difficult to Empty the Bladder , Frequent Urination , Night Frequent Unination . Due to This Squeezing of the Urethra the Uric Acid may remain in the walls of urethra cause irritation in the urethra while urination & also causes the Prostate Gland Inflammation In some patients which is why sometimes the Blood is seen in the urine and Semen .

There is an Other type Of Similar Prostatitis Condition Called Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy , The cause for the Condition is Due to the Increase In the Size of the Cells of the Prostate Gland .When then Causes the Enlargement of the Prostate gland .

There has been different Treatment Methods Used to Treat Different Types of Prostatitis , These Treatment methods mostly used for Prostatitis is for the Symptoms Managemnt or the Pain management Only , while We know the cause for the Prostatitis , Western medicine doesn’t Know the Exact Cause That causing the Proatatitis .

TCM as a Best Treatment for Prostatitis :  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine which has an history of 3500 Years in treating Different Severe Diseases View is That Bacteria is attacking Human Race Since the Time , But not everyone attacked by bacteria is diagnosed with Prostatitis , Not every Men in their Older Age Suffer from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy ,

The cause behind the Prostatitis Is not Either the so called Bacteria or Age related issues or any infections . We have the Immunity against the Bacteria , Since we humans Actually Developed from Bacteria . The Main Cause for the Prostatitis Can be the Host that’s the Human body condition , due to the low immunity , low disease resistance power .

According to the Traditional Chinese medicine Our Body Due to Low immunity or No regular activities , or due to increased used of Chemical Drugs ,Creating Damp Heat which according to traditional Chinese Medicine is called “QI” , Yes , Every body has “QI” but it should be in a balanced manner which should be maintained by our Body , According to TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine , Due to Increased heat in the Body , the +VE and –VE Energies are imbalanced in our body which then Forms the Perfect conditions for the Bacteria to Occupy the Excretory organs / Reproductive Organs of the Body .

Not Only the Bacteria is easy to Attack But also Cells in the Excretory or the Reproductive System Behaves Abnormal by increasing the size of the cells or increase in the number of the cell , which we can see in BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia .

Traditional Chinese Medicine By Dr.Ming Nanke Pills are Made from herbs which can Eliminate the Damp Heat out of the Body , Increase the Blood Circulation , Fight against the Bacterial Infects , Increase the Immunity , Shrinks the Prostate gland to their original Size , Repairing the damage caused by bacteria or Other infections .Thus Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanke Pills By Dr.Ming are the Best Treatment for the Prostatitis .

Please contact Dr.Ming with your detailed Disease History & Latest Test Reports to get the Best Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Prostatitis Treatment .

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