Can Chronic Prostatitis Be cured?

The chronic prostatitis is the commom disease in the urinary system and in the reproductive system of the young men. It is the frequently-occurring disease in men from the age 20 years old to the age 40 years old. According to the figures, 1 out of 3 men over the age of 35 years old suffer the prostatitis. These patients occupy 25% in the male clinic urination department. The clinical procedure of the chronic prostatitis is a gradually complicated progress. But the prostatitis itself does not cause the serious consequences. It does not affect life and work. However, the mental burden caused by the accompanied symptoms like impotence、 premature ejaculation and even infertility is often more serious than the disease itself.

As the prostatitis is the biggest accessory sexual gland for men. The patients suffering prostatitis often naturally link the lesion to the sexual function、infertility and venereal disease. The patients who have not recovered after being curing for a long time will worry about the prostatitis enlargement and the prostatitis cancer. Therefore, the patients feel over anxious, worried and depressed. The negative emotion will cause mental and health problems and cast a shadow to the family life. Therefore, doctors should tell patients to eliminate the anxiety as prostatitis is a common disease that can be cured fully if a proper treatment is taken. The chronic prostatitis is not the incurable disease. Although there is no specific treatment for the chronic prostaitits, patients should be confident and patient to fight against the disease. Recent years, many patients have got a full recovery after cooperating with doctors.

The white blood cell of the prostate liquid low to be normal after being cured for some time. The bacterial culture also becomes feminine. Majority of the symptoms are disappearing. Some of the symptoms cannot be eliminated and should be treated separately. If the other diseases of the prostatitis patient should be treated, for example, the patient who has backache also suffers from strain of lumbar muscles or waist myofascitis. The backache will not disappear when the chronic prostatitis is cured. These patients need massage、physical therapy and traditional Chinese medicine to cure the backache For these patients, the cause of the diseases should be diagnosed. And then the patients can recover according to the diagnosis result.

The other kind of patients is that they have suffered the diseases for a long time. Part of the discomfort has been deeply printed in the minds of them. What’s more, the patients doubt about and worry about the chronic prostatitis. Even if the diseases of the body are cured, the mental psychology is still ill. For these patients, the doctors firstly will affirm the curing result according to the objective facts. The doctors will properly explain the relevant medical knowledge and give the psychological consult to the patients. Then the patients should regulate themselves with the traditional Chinese medicine and communicate with the doctors. Thus the patients will get a fully recover.

Can chronic prostatitis be cured?

Parts of the patients raise this question repeatedly. Well, the patients should know that the chronic prostatitis like sphagitis and gastritis can be cured this time. But if the patients catch a cold、feel very tired and have dirty diet, the sphagitis and gastritis will recur. The chronic prostatitis will also recur when the inducing factors happened to the patients. Therefore, the patients should keep good health care habits to avoid the recurring of the chronic prostatitis.

Firstly during the period of treatment, the patients are not allowed to drink alcohol and are not allowed to smoke. The patients should not eat the spicy and fat food. The food for the patients should be light and nutritious. They should eat more frozen bean curd、honey and zinc preparations. Secondly, masturbation should be given up. Sex intercourse should be reasonably controlled. It is suitable for the patients to have sex intercourse. a time for 1 to 2 weeks during the curing period according to the personal body condition. Wearing condoms can reduce the infection of the chronic prostatitis to the female. Patients should take an active part in the working、studying and entertainment activities in order to reduce distracting thoughts、 pessimal stimulation and sexual arousal. Thirdly, the patients should not wear tight pants and avoid long-term sitting, driving and cycling.

These tips can reduce the pressure on the perineum and therefore relieve the congestion of prostate. Fourthly, the patients should drink more water to increase the urine, thus the urinary tract can be flushed and the prostate secretion can be discharged. And do not hold the urine. What’s more, the patients should take some exercise to improve the blood and Qi flow and strengthen the immunity. The patients should avoid the dirty sex intercourse. The male should often clean the prepuse. If the prepuse is too long, the circumcision should be done. Finally, the patients should avoid stay up at night and avoid being over tired. They should pay great attention to the cold.

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