BPH Surgery

Prostatic hyperplasia is one of the most common male diseases, and patients prefer to have BPH surgery to get rid of it immediately. In fact, clinically research shows that only about 10% of the patients with severe prostate hyperplasia need to take surgery, if the condition is not serious enough, it will be better to not blindly choose resection. The staging of prostate hyperplasia and the complications associated with BPH are usually used to determine whether BPH surgery is performed. How does prostate hyperplasia operation do?

Many middle-aged and old men in their fifties and sixties are being checked out of prostate hyperplasia, with incidence rate of 50%, while the rate of males of 80 years old can reach 83%. Prostatic hyperplasia is a normal physiological disease, a study on the clinical observation found that, all the surgical resections in elderly patients with prostate specimens have increased, but not all of them are in need of treatment or BPH surgery.


Staging of prostatic hyperplasia

Prostatic hyperplasia can be divided into three stages, the first stage refers to the patients with dysuria, urinary frequency, nocturia, urination, bladder wall have small beam due to straining, without residual urinebut; At second stage, bladder detrusor insufficiency is not complete, and urine cannot be discharged completely with residual urine, which is often associated with chronic bacterial cystitis; At third stage, due to chronic dysuria, bladder emptying is impaired, which may occur urinary retention and renal failure. Generally, patients in first and second stage are suggested to take conservative treatment, they can take some medicines according to doctor’s advice. Some patients reflected that Nanke Pill was an effective method to cure prostatic hyperplasia. But for those in third stage, they are advised to perform BPH surgery


Method of BPH surgery

BPH surgery is currently using transurethral minimally invasive treatment, and most hospitals used the transurethral electrovaporization, or plasma cutting.  Laser (green laser, 2 micron laser) therapy is the most advanced method.

BPH surgery has now become an operation with low-risk, highly successful, and less complication. Especially laser treatment, the operation basically does not cause bleed, even if the patients have cardiovascular disease, they also can undertake the operation safely.

In conclusion, the patients with prostatic hyperplasia should ask the doctor for reasonable advice to take some medicine like Nanke Pill or have BPH surgery finally.

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