Apple cider vinegar prostatitis

Apple cider vinegar is a relatively common beverage are generally made with apples, so there are also the acid content and trace elements are relatively rich in normal life can drink some, benign prostatic hyperplasia patients can drink apple cider vinegar In fact, the question is to answer separately, apple cider vinegar is an acidic drink, prostate hyperplasia of patients with urine are generally acidic, if you drink apple cider vinegar, then it will let the urine of the acid concentration increases, so that Not detrimental to treatment. The body’s bladder tissue will also cause a certain impact, is likely to cause cystitis. Prostate hyperplasia patients is best not to drink apple cider vinegar.

Prostatitis treatment to men to bring a lot of distress, such as the body a lot of parts of the pain, affecting fertility. Prostatitis treatment is very critical.But patients do not have any details of the panacea, treatment is the need for step by step. A single method of treatment of prostatitis is not much help, only the system of treatment programs to allow men to recover early.The treatment of prostatitis is a complex treatment too long. Patients generally appear in the urine abnormalities, the next pain and prostatic fluid in the white blood cells after the symptoms to the hospital in time to receive treatment, in the treatment of patients should not be too nervous to maintain an optimistic attitude will help the treatment of the disease.

  Patients will never lose their confidence after treatment, treatment and treatment have lost confidence. They are constantly looking for the cause, looking for new treatment methods and drugs, expect to bid farewell to prostatitis. These people are often vulnerable to the opinions of others, believe in false test results, and exaggerate the propaganda of bacteria, mycoplasma or chlamydia harm and try to treat. So patients need a more accurate treatment for their own disease approach.

  Prostatitis with what drug treatment, although the apple cider vinegar can help treat prostatitis, relieve symptoms of patients, but can not act as a drug, can only be used as adjuvant therapy; if you want to completely eliminate the pathogen of prostatitis, you can take traditional Chinese medicine diuretic anti- The use of its strong bactericidal, anti-inflammatory analgesic effect, to remove pathogens, to eliminate the body’s inflammation, to achieve the purpose of completely cure prostatitis.Need to be reminded that apple cider vinegar is acidic, the stomach has a stimulating effect, the stomach should not be cited; and vinegar contains chromium elements, will affect the insulin material, diabetes patients should not take apple cider vinegar. So prostatitis patients must find the right treatment, so as not to adversely affect the best treatment period.

 Chinese medicine that Apple has thirst, spleen and stomach, lungs Qi effect, eat an apple every day is very beneficial to health. And the zinc in the apple can not only improve the quality of semen, but also to protect the prostate. Experiments show that healthy prostate fluid has a higher content of zinc, and prostate lesions, zinc content will be significantly reduced; This shows that zinc can add to the prostatitis have a certain therapeutic effect.

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