Antibiotics prostatitis

Prostatitis is a common male disease and the incidence is extremely high, so that male friends are miserable. Then what do you know about the symptoms of prostatitis? Men prostatitis, which is leading to middle-aged men appear premature ejaculation is an important factor, a lot of prostate disease patients will appear the problem of premature ejaculation, so receiving treatment is very important. Health care or to follow the principles of treatment, through lifestyle, diet and other aspects to achieve the same purpose, such as not too cold and humid place for a long time to participate in physical exercise.

Prostatitis is one of disease with high incidence of winter and spring, because the low temperatures can stimulation the excitability of the sympathetic nerve, and then cause prostate gland contract, vasodilate, resulting in chronic congestion and elevated urinary tract pressure and reflux. Prostate gland is very thin and easy to enter, causing deposition, made of prostatitis, there will be frequent urination, urgency and other symptoms. Even serious there will be scrotum, testicular and other parts of the pain, a sense of bulge. Face the disease, do not worry, panic, as long as the choice of regular professional male hospital, according to the patient’s own situation and the characteristics of the disease, the combination of preventive care and clinical treatment, while maintaining optimism, establish confidence in the disease, regular physical examination, Life to learn a reasonable, scientific self-care, you can achieve a very good treatment and prevention purposes.

  As the antibiotic systemic medication in the prostate is not easy to achieve effective concentration and affect the efficacy, so there will be directly into the prostate treatment of antibiotics. The specific method is to use gentamicin, kanamycin, cephalosporin, alone or in combination, by the perineum directly into the prostate, or b-guided drug directly into the prostate lesions, each Week 1 to 2 times, 10 times for a course of treatment. Antibiotics can treat prostatitis, at present, in the clinical practice of treatment of prostatitis, the most commonly used first-line drugs are antibiotics, but only about 5% of patients with chronic prostatitis have a clear bacterial infection.

  Traditional Chinese medicine can work directly to the affected area, open the capsule channel and the glands of the pipeline, so that the smooth discharge of inflammatory substances in vitro, the prostate to achieve external conditions of rehabilitation; eventually make the prostate healthy, healthy channel across the line, smooth urination, energetic , Sexual function fully recovered by the prostate disease caused by a series of discomfort all disappeared. In addition, the daily life of patients with prostate disease should pay attention to smoking bogey bogey, the law of life, strengthen the exercise, is conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease.You can buy these drugs in the local pharmacies, their treatment at home can be, save money convenient, the exact effect. I hope you correct treatment, early rehabilitation!

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