Antibiotics for acute prostatitis

Antibiotic treatment of prostatitis is currently the clinical treatment of prostatitis commonly used methods. In general, asymptomatic prostatitis may not be treated unless it affects fertility. In theory, antibiotics are only effective for acute bacterial prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis. Abuse of antibiotics easily leads to bacterial resistance. So, what?

Acute prostatitis use the principle of antibiotic principle is based on urine or prostatic fluid bacterial culture results selected sensitive antibiotics. However, due to the early treatment of bacterial culture is not timely return or unconditional, should be timely selection of adequate and efficient broad-spectrum antimicrobial drugs to control the disease development.

Prostatitis patients in the short term although the prostate has been completely cleared of pathogens, but does not mean that due to infection caused by complete repair of prostate tissue injury, during the recovery of the disease during a period of time the prostate may often be in a sub-health state, More likely than the general population once again infected with pathogens or once again cause significant congestion of the prostate state, leaving the symptoms of prostatitis re-emergence. Preventing the re-infection of pathogens is a problem that doctors and patients need to be aware of, but they can never use empirical long-term antimicrobial therapy. Effective measures may be taken to keep the perineum clean and dry, to avoid overwork, to undergo regular sexual life under the protection of the sterile genitals, or to exclude semen during sexual excitement, to enhance nutrition, to improve the health of the body, of physical exercise, enhance the body’s resistance and so on. These measures can not only help patients to effectively relieve physiological and psychological symptoms, but also help to prevent bacterial and other pathogenic microorganism re-infection.

  Prostatitis is divided into acute and chronic prostatitis, non-bacterial prostatitis and prostate pain. Bacterial prostatitis often bacterial urine, rather than bacterial prostatitis or prostate pain rarely occur urinary tract infection, prostate pain without signs of inflammation, prostate massage fluid normal. Prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis is a common male adult disease, at present, the cause of the majority of chronic prostatitis is not clear, the treatment effect is not satisfactory. Acute prostatitis is a common disease of adult males, refers to the prostate non-specific bacterial infection caused by acute inflammation, mainly for urgency, frequent urination, urinary frequency, dysuria, rectal and perineal pain, and more cold and so hot.

  Acute prostatitis is a common genital infection of male genitourinary disease, pathogenic bacteria to E. coli-based, accounting for about 80%.bacterial infection pathways for blood infection or direct spread, which is more common in the urethral spread. Nanke pills can also help male friends and patients their problem.

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