Analysis of the treatment methods of prostatitis

Prostatitis gradually become a disease that puzzles men’s health, because of the unhealthy lifestyle of life stress, more and more male friends enter the ranks of patients with prostatitis, at the same time, the treatment of prostatitis is also increasing, such as surgical treatment, physical therapy, Western medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine and so on, how to choose the best treatment method has become a lot of male friends headaches. There is analysis of the treatment methods of prostatitis:

1.Oral or injectable Western medicine antibiotics:

the use of antibiotics has been a controversial topic, a short period of time can certainly play a certain effect, prostatitis is chronic  disease, if long-term taking antibiotics will seriously affect the human liver and kidney function, it will make the human body drug resistance, affecting  human endocrine and so on;

 2.Surgical or puncture therapy:

(1)Because of the long-term inflammatory stimulation, the prostate and the surrounding tissue easily occur adhesion, intraoperative bleeding is not easy to remove clean, surgery is also easy to damage adjacent tissue organs and cause complications, so chronic prostatitis surgery is more difficult.

(2)To carry out the surgical treatment of prostate also need to have certain equipment and technical strength, the most important thing is that the operation cannot solve all the problems of patients, many patients after surgery, clinical symptoms still exist.

(3)Most of the patients with prostatitis after positive and effective non-surgical treatment can obtain more satisfactory results.

(4) Surgical treatment may bring more serious consequences for patients, such as sexual function and the birth of the function of the partial or total loss.

3.Physical instrument Treatment:

generally use instrument to promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, help to eliminate edema and so on, cannot be completely cured;

4. Massage and Hot compress treatment:

prostate massage or hot compress treatment can promote blood circulation, dissolve pain, but cannot remove the causative agent, only as an auxiliary method;

 5.Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment:

Prostatitis belongs to chronic disease, Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of prostatitis has a unique advantage,  the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine is slow, but easy to take long-term, and the side effects is small, but can completely be cured。

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