Acute prostatitis treatment guidelines

Prostatitis is a common disease of adult males, the current young men have been high incidence of men, is the number one risk of male health, general statistics accounted for about 25% to 30% of urological outpatient diseases, it can be asymptomatic, can also be obvious symptoms , Delayed healing, prostatitis can cause persistent or recurrent urogenital infection, the main symptoms of the lower abdomen bulge, frequent urination, urine after the drop, urine intended, hematuria, fine urine, dysuria and so on.

  On the treatment of acute prostatitis this issue to be more understanding of the treatment of acute prostatitis for this problem as you answer the following: Hello prostatitis complicated by the cause, especially chronic prostatitis symptoms are different, the cause of obscure, difficult to diagnose; And the drug is difficult to reach the lesion, easily lead to prostate disease long treatment, recurrent, the use of traditional Chinese medicine combined with physical therapy and physical therapy with the treatment, can achieve satisfactory clinical results.That is based on the test results and the nature of prostatitis, select sensitive Of the drug, adequate, according to the medication for treatment, at the same time, selective with: microwave, shortwave, diversion, multi-function, perfusion, and other physical means.It is recommended to the professional men’s hospital in a timely manner to the prostate specialist treatment, In order to take targeted treatment!

  What is the treatment of acute prostatitis? Recent work causes a lot of male disease, do not know is not acute prostatitis? What kind of treatment of acute prostatitis symptoms? Guangzhou treatment of male prostatitis. What is the treatment of acute prostatitis?Acute stage of prostatitis symptoms are generally treated with systemic support therapy, to pay more attention to rest, do not let the body feel too tired, the spirit of fatigue situation. A lot of infusion or drink water, increase the body’s water, so for the treatment of prostatitis have a very good help. Timely use of antibiotics for treatment, a single antibiotic if the effect is not very good, you can use two or more antibiotics for combination therapy. This treatment will be more ideal, can be timely and effective so that acute prostatitis can be controlled.

  Experts advise prostatitis patients in their daily lives should maintain a good living habits, prevention is the most important. The most common prostatitis prevention methods in life: 1. Attention to self-care, strengthen physical exercise, prevent colds, active treatment of other parts of the body infection, improve the body resistance. 2. light diet, alcohol and spicy stimulation of things, so as not to cause prostate congestion; control sexual intercourse, taboo intercourse interruption, can reduce the prostate congestion. 3. moderate exercise, not long riding, cycling and sedentary, office staff every 1-2 hours should stand up for a while to reduce the prostate congestion. Nanke pill, a traditional Chinese medicine will help you to do the recovery.

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