Acute prostatitis symptoms

In everyone’s impression, prostatitis is mostly chronic, the main symptoms that is urinary urinary urgency, or serious sexual capacity or fertility will have an impact, in fact, there are acute prostatitis, this acute prostatitis is often Bacterial infection caused by the symptoms are more serious, the need for timely treatment.

  What are the symptoms of acute prostatitis? Five symptoms need to be vigilant. Once the occurrence of one or more of the above symptoms need to go to the hospital for medical treatment, so that doctors for diagnosis, timely diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner to avoid adversely affected by the disease, resulting in more serious consequences.

  What are the symptoms of acute prostatitis: the first type sexual dysfunction.

Prostatitis sexual dysfunction showed loss of libido, impotence, premature ejaculation, neuralgia, no significant increase in the number of spermatorrhea, some patients will appear blood and sperm motility decline, causing infertility.The second type is pain on body accured.Prostatitis patients will appear urinary tract burning sensation and ant line sense, perineum, anal parts will be pain, and even radiation to the groin, lumbosacral, penis, testis, etc., and even radiation to the abdomen.The third type called secondary symptoms of acute prostatitis symptoms.Such as conjunctivitis, iritis, arthritis and neuritis.The forth type is neurasthenia symptoms.Due to the lack of understanding of the disease and long treatment, will give patients a heavier psychological burden, there is depression, fatigue, insomnia and so on.Acute prostatitis symptoms of the last : urinary system of prostatitis symptoms.Symptoms of prostatitis will involve the urethra, mild urinary frequency, dysuria, urgency and other symptoms, individual patients may even appear hematuria, early morning before the urine and stool when the urethra and purulent discharge.

  Normally,keeping a good diet habit and health lifestyle is very important.Following are some easily way for you to obey.1. strengthen physical exercise. 2. Prohibition and fasting irritating food. 3. Hot water bath to promote local blood reflux. 4. local physiotherapy: including antibiotic ion introduction, ultrashort wave, microwave irradiation, etc., have a certain effect. 5. Regular prostate massage treatment, exclusion of prostatic fluid. 6. Chinese medicine treatment. Governance is: blood circulation, through the meridians, liver qi, detoxification, dampness diuretic. 7. Antibacterial treatment. 8. Drug symptomatic treatment, recently studied with α-blockers to lift the bladder neck, pelvic floor muscle spasms is very important.

  Principles of medication are two kinds1. Acute prostatitis, mainly antibiotic treatment.2. Chronic prostatitis, antibiotics, support symptomatic and other comprehensive treatment. Choose effective antibiotics (including new drugs).One more is Nanke Pill can cure men’s reproductive  diseases like epididymitis, prostatitis, sperm  problem  caused  by  infection,  chlamydia  infection, mycoplasma  infection, and  men’s and women’s  genitourinary  disorder  like UTI,  bladder infection and so on.

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