Acute bacterial prostatitis

Acute bacterial prostatitis is caused by bacterial itself or bacterial toxins caused by acute inflammation of the prostate. Acute onset, signs of systemic infection or sepsis. Acute prostatitis if not timely treatment can be transformed into chronic bacterial prostatitis, such as the further development of inflammation to form an abscess is called the prostate abscess.

  Acute bacterial prostatitis most of the acute onset, can be expressed as chills, high fever, accompanied by persistent and obvious symptoms of lower urinary tract infection, such as urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, urination burning sensation, dysuria, urinary retention, , Anus, perineal area bulge discomfort. Blood and urine in the number of white blood cells, bacterial culture positive.Acute bacterial prostatitis (type I prostatitis), acute onset, severe symptoms, usually have a more typical clinical manifestations, so according to the clinical manifestations of patients is not difficult to diagnose. But if not timely, thorough treatment, severe development may be prostate abscess, and sometimes may be transformed into chronic bacterial prostatitis. Different patients, the infected bacteria are different, the performance of the clinical symptoms are not the same.

  Acute inflammation of the prostate tissue caused by bacteria is called acute bacterial prostatitis, such as inflammation to further develop the formation of abscess is called prostate abscess. Acute bacterial prostatitis is a rare type of prostatitis. Acute onset, high fever, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria. Anal test prostate enlargement, soft, obvious tenderness. At this time is strictly prohibited prostate massage. Take end urination, bacterial culture to find pathogens; do drug sensitivity experiments, to develop the best antibacterial treatment program.

  Live often, appropriate exercise, after a walk, to enhance the body immunity and disease resistance. In addition, to avoid fatigue, to prevent constipation, more water and more urination, to help the discharge of prostate secretions, try not to use long-term empirical antimicrobial prophylaxis, to avoid unnecessary, too frequent or too heavy prostate massage, to avoid unnecessary guidance Urine, so as not to damage the prostate or cause infection. Vigorously popularize the knowledge of prostate disease, give the public to protect the prostate, improve bad lifestyle and quit bad habits.Active treatment of infection throughout the body, to avoid pathogens through a variety of ways to infect the prostate. Pay attention to the protection of sterile penis sets of sexual intercourse, sex life after cleaning the penis and perineum, keep dry, help to prevent infection. For the foreskin is too long or phimosis should be circumcision to prevent pathogenic microorganisms may cause infection of the prostate.for this kind of products.Nanke Pills can easily solve your problem. Acute bacterial prostatitis is a common diseases that disturb male friends daily life.

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