Is chronic prostatitis curable?

The western medicine therapy or traditional Chinese herbal medicine remedy for the prostatitis management are always asked by people who are infected with prostatitis. The chronic prostatitis is one of kind of prostatitis. Why there are many Chinese prostatitis patients get a relief from prostatitis after using this traditional Chinese herbal medicine remedy? Antibiotics for…

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Would it be prostatitis or prostatitis tumor?

Many people are lacking of the effects of prostatitis on the body. Prostatitis usually can be developed with time, if patients just left these initial conditions untreated. Actually, the abnormal conditions of prostatitis can be stopped if men would take immediately measures on the symptoms of prostate gland. The management of prostatitis with slight conditions…

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The medicine for prostatitis infection

Prostate is a part of the male reproductive system, with the shape and size of chestnuts, which is located in rectal and bladder, urethral encases the initial segment. What’s more, the prostate fluid is a component of semen. Prostatitis refers to the inflammation of the prostate gland, which is a fairly common disease, without any…

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What’s the Causes for BPH ?

For many males, BPH is a normal and terrible disease, which not only has bad effect on their sex life, but also makes them suffer bitterness in their daily life. According to medical statistics, BPH occurs in almost all the men over seventy years old. The symptom of prostate hyperplasia is its volume become bigger…

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