The Natural Treatment of Prostatitis

The prostatitis has caused loads of disorders physically and mentally, which have largely influenced the patients’ daily life. However, the prostatitis consists of bacterial and nonbacterial, chronic and acute prostatitis; thus, the treatment differs from each other.

The western medicine is common with all kinds of treatment for the prostatitis, but the efficacy is not always ideal. Because of the prostatitis there exist barriers of the penetration in the prostate, which makes it harder for the majority of the anti-bacterial medicine to cross the barriers and reach the effective concentration that the treatment demands. Therefore, the rate of cure is fairly low and the disease may relapse anytime. Most commonly, antibiotics, α-receptor blockers, plant preparations, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics and other medicine have efficacy in different degrees on the prostatitis. As for the nonbacterial prostatitis, it can only be lightly released but not be cured by antibiotics.

Moreover, keeping a healthy lifestyle, building up the confidence of recovery and doing proper exercise is the most important part of the natural treatment of prostatitis. Bacterial prostatitis patients should pay attention to daily life and prevention of colds. To maintain good habits, patients should prevent excessive fatigue, ban on smoking and alcohol, avoid eating spicy food and so forth. Stay as far as possible in the wet place to rest. The sexual activity should be appropriate controlled, neither too frequent nor complete abstinence.

With the development of the globalization, the effective Chinese medicine has gained popularity all over the world. As a representative of the natural treatment of prostatitis, the traditional Chinese medication has stimulated much experience of curing chronic diseases and is famous for its entire recovery in the long term with few side effects because of its pure natural ingredients and herbal essence.

As one of the pioneers with the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern promoted technique, Nanke Pill has been created as a better option for chronic prostatitis with no drug resistance. Nanke Pill can cure men’s reproductive diseases like epididymitis, prostatitis, sperm problem caused by infection, chlamydia infection, mycoplasma infection, and men’s and women’s genitourinary disorder like UTI, bladder infection and so on.

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