Antibiotic Treatment for the Chronic Prostatitis

Antibiotic treatment is particularly effective for various diseases caused by pathogens. The antibiotics are a kind of secondary metabolites produced by microbes (including bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes) or higher flora and fauna in the course of life. They are fundamentally chemical materials that can disturb other living cells’ developmental functions. Moreover, this fantastic discovery has solved…

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bacterial infection in men

What are the common reproductive infections? Dyeing disease is one of the important factors leading to male infertility. Male genital organs, including external genitalia, paranasal, epididymis and testicular parts, the Ministry of the bacteria, chlamydia, mycoplasma, viruses and other microbial infections can cause inflammation. Prostatitis: Especially chronic prostatitis is a common disease in adult males,…

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Treatment for Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection, refers to the pathogen invasion of urinary tract mucosa or tissue caused by urinary tract inflammation. According to the infection site, urinary tract infection can be divided into upper urinary tract infection and lower urinary tract infection, the former is pyelonephritis, which is mainly cystitis. According to the presence of underlying diseases,…

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