How to cure prostatitis without antibiotics

General antibiotic drugs is anti-inflammatory sterilization, medication should be targeted, not check the medication is unreasonable, commonly used is sensitive antibiotics, but can not determine which specific, because each person’s different physical response to the drug is also the Different, do not check the premise of chaos recommended medication, there will be side effects.Prostatitis, treatment…

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Severe Prostatitis

The prostate is the most common problem in the male genitourinary system. Common in all ages male prostatitis can be divided into acute and chronic. It is usually caused by bacterial infection in other parts of the body caused by invasion of the prostate. Prostatitis can completely or partially obstruct the urine from the bladder,…

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Treatment of Acute Prostatitis

How to cure the acute prostatitis by traditional Chinese medicine? As we know, it is painful for a man to suffer from prostatitis because there is too much harm when a man suffers from the acute prostatitis. For example, the frequent urine、urgent urine and painful urine will occur at the urethra, What’s more, the sex…

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The span of the recovery from the acute prostatitis

Frankly, it still remains controversy about the certain span of the recovery from the acute prostatitis, since it depends on the particular conditions of different patients.Since there exists a hard lipid capsule, which is a drug barrier outside the prostate, drugs are difficult to penetrate the site of prostate disease, so a combination of physical…

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Acute Bacterial Prostatitis Treatment

Acute Bacterial Prostatitis Treatment The acute bacterial prostatitis is the acute inflammation in the body of the prostate and in the gland duct. It is caused by the bacterial or by the toxin. The Clinical features of the acute bacterial prostatitis 1.The acute bacterial prostatitis is the sudden happening disease with chill and ardent fever….

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Treatment for Acute Prostatitis

The acute prostatitis, an acute inflammation caused by the nonspecific bacterial infection in the prostate, is common with males with urinary urgency, urinary frequency, dysuria, rectal and perineal pain on a large scale along with occasional chills and fever. Mainly raised by Escherichia coli, proper and timely treatment for acute prostatitis is of vital necessity….

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How to eliminate the prostatitis fever?

Many men infected with prostatitis could have the condition of prostatitis fever. Prostatitis often causes many uncomfortable conditions on men’s body. The prostatitis fever should be one of them. Although western medicine therapy could be used to reduce the inflammation, the prostatitis fever could be difficult to be removed with western medicine antibiotics. Certainly, the…

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Symptoms of acute prostatitis

Prostatitis is a common male prostate disease, many men have been plagued by long-term prostatitis, to their lives unfortunate, so many men want to treat prostatitis, but there are many men in the treatment of prostatitis The error, making prostatitis more difficult to cure.   Symptoms of prostatitis acute onset, can be expressed as chills,…

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Acute prostatitis antibiotic is suffering people in some aspects

Acute prostatitis antibiotic is common used among men for the prostatitis control. Men usually have the experience of antibiotics treatment. However, they must be impressive due to the uncertain factors happening in western medicine therapy. Many patients may be upset. The uncomfortable experience occurred in western medicine therapy leading to a decreased the number of…

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Severe Prostatitis

What is severe prostatitis? Only the ones who have been haunted by it know how severe and detrimental the condition is.  It has multiple causes, as well as various treatments dealing with constantly varying symptoms.  It is always important to teach yourself the common symptoms of it so that one can always be aware of…

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