The Natural Treatment of Prostatitis

The prostatitis has caused loads of disorders physically and mentally, which have largely influenced the patients’ daily life. However, the prostatitis consists of bacterial and nonbacterial, chronic and acute prostatitis; thus, the treatment differs from each other. The western medicine is common with all kinds of treatment for the prostatitis, but the efficacy is not…

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Biopsy for prostate cancer diagnosis could be necessary

The examination for the suspected symptoms of prostate cancer is very important. Men should clearly know that the prostate cancer would be life threatening among men diseases. The occurrence of prostate cancer could be associated with prostatitis, and men need to get exact examination for the prostate cancer. Biopsy for prostate cancer could be common…

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Gleason score prostate cancer

 As many have wondered, what is the Gleason score and why it is important. The Gleason grading system is used to evaluate the prognosis of prostate cancer with the samples taken from prostate biopsy. So based on the microscopic appearance of the prostate cancer, a Gleason score would be given. And a high score refers…

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