Prostate grande

The incidence of prostate cancer in China is gradually improving, the reasons with the lifestyle changes and the continuous improvement of living standards. More and more older men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Whether the patient himself or their families are still “talk about cancer”, can not help but panic.   I told the prostate…

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prostate cancer pathophysiology

 Prostate cancer in Europe and the United States the incidence is very high, and relatively small in China. With the development of the economic level, the Chinese diet changes and some changes in living habits, the current Chinese patients with prostate cancer was increasing year by year trend. Unfortunately, most of the prostate cancers diagnosed…

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Why prostate cancer can be caused by prostatitis conditions?

Prostate cancer can be threatening. Men with the conditions of prostatitis should have high attention to the development of prostate cancer. Actually, prostatitis conditions can be controlled with appropriate treatment. Western medicine or traditional Chinese herbal medicines are widely used for the prostatitis management. However, it have been reported that western medicine treatment can lead…

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How to avoid prostatitis and prostate cancer enlarge?

 Prostate cancer is one of the most common terrible tumors in men, and many people think that the only way for cancer is to give up treating it, which is not the right way. For example, prostate cancer can be treated according to different conditions. Treatment of prostate cancer does not necessarily accept chemotherapy: Most…

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Can prostatitis lead to prostate cancer?

Can prostatitis lead to prostate cancer? Why people are beginning to keep high attention to the protection of prostate gland? Could prostatitis threaten the life? When men are diagnosed with prostatitis, some kind immediate treatment is expected for the prostatitis management. If a appropriate treatment didn’t provide, the conditions of prostatitis would develop. The prostatitis…

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Prostate cancer treatment

Cancer, as known to all, oftentimes starts when begin to grow uncontrolledly in one’s body. There is not a certain type of cells that is more likely to turn into cancer; rather, any part of one’s body has the same likelihood of turning into cancer and it is never restrained to one area, but spreading…

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An increasing number of prostatitis patients who undergo this traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatment keep them away from the risk of prostate cancer

It seems true that many people don’t understand the dangers of prostatitis. In many cases, prostatitis patients usually take western medicines when the first occurrence of prostatitis has appeared. However, they know that it could be the best chance for the management of prostatitis. At the time, the symptoms and signs of prostatitis can be…

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