Prostate grande

The incidence of prostate cancer in China is gradually improving, the reasons with the lifestyle changes and the continuous improvement of living standards. More and more older men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Whether the patient himself or their families are still “talk about cancer”, can not help but panic.   I told the prostate…

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This is what it really feels like to be infected prostatitis

Prostatitis weight loss could be one of common conditions among prostatitis patients. We wonder if prostatitis patients knew the prostatitis symptoms can be associated with what kind of issues that matters for the diagnosis and prevention. If men didn’t know the symptoms of prostatitis, they are hard to realize that they are probably infected with…

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How to end the prostatitis symptoms without infection permanently

What is the secret for prostatitis treatment to end these symptoms permanently without infection? Why there are many men who are still suffering the conditions of prostatitis? However, there are also many reports which suggested that many prostatitis patients have been cured by some kind of new traditional Chinese herbal remedy. So what happened among…

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Prostatitis symptoms treatment

Prostatitis not only seriously affects the normal life of males, but also plagued the male’s minds, emotions, leading to mental state of depression. More serious consequence is the impact of male fertility, thereby affecting the health of marriage and family. Prostatitis can be considered an occupational disease, maybe we will be very difficult to understand,…

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Prostate cancer symptoms

In recent years, prostate cancer has become one of the diseases that endanger society and human health, it has brought great pain and distress to male friends. Early prostate cancer patency without symptoms, but the tumor invasion or obstruction of the urethra, bladder neck, it will occur similar to lower urinary tract obstruction or irritation…

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What are the prostatitis signs and symptoms?

1.Prostatitis facts Prostatitis is one of the common diseases of adult males. Although it is not a disease which can threat one’s life directly, it does severe harm to the quality of patients’ life. People who suffer from prostatitis accounts for 8% to 25% of the outpatients in the Department of Urology, and about 50%…

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Treatment of Acute Prostatitis

How to cure the acute prostatitis by traditional Chinese medicine? As we know, it is painful for a man to suffer from prostatitis because there is too much harm when a man suffers from the acute prostatitis. For example, the frequent urine、urgent urine and painful urine will occur at the urethra, What’s more, the sex…

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What are the symptoms of prostatitis?

Prostatitis symptoms could be associated with the pain in pelvic. And the discomfort can also happen in the pelvic region. In addition, men could have the problems with urination and problems with ejaculations. The common symptoms can include the dribbling frequent urination, particularly at night, urgent need to urinate, pain in the penis or testicles….

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