Prostatitis pain relief

Acute bacterial prostatitis is often caused by common bacterial strains. When the bacteria in the urine penetrate your prostate, the infection can begin. Antibiotics are used to treat infections. If you do not eliminate bacterial prostatitis may recur or difficult to treat (chronic bacterial prostatitis).Lower nerve injury caused by nerve injury may be caused by surgery or trauma, may lead to prostatitis is not caused by bacterial infection. In many cases of prostatitis, the cause has not yet been determined.

   Prostatitis can cause patients with posterior urethra, perineum and anal discomfort, weight or fullness, and frequent urination, urethral burning, in the early morning, there always been a feeling of urethral mucus, sticky silk and pus secretion, urine turbidity or otherwise different. Severe hematuria and urinary difficulties may occur. Give the patient a great deal of pain, and seriously affect life. To this end, we have to introduce you several ways to alleviate the pain of prostatitis for you to choose. Drinking water is the most effective and normal way for prostatitis patients to bear in mind and follow the instruct: drinking 2 to 3 liters of mineral water a day, increase the urine, help to discharge waste. Go for a walk after break or dinner is the best way to moderate diseases and have a good consumption exercise, do not riding a bike, because the seat will oppress the prostate, aggravated pain.

 Daily to do levator ani exercise or warm water bath, prostate massage can relieve the condition, reduce the pain. While the timely treatment, hot water bath, perineum local heat can take an effect relieving to prostatitis pain, hot water therapy sitting in hot water (to tolerate the high temperature limit) 15 to 30 minutes, 1 to 2 times a day. Can improve the prostate and its four sides of the blood circulation, pain relief of chronic prostatitis symptoms will play a significant role, should be at least once a day. Due to high temperature can kill the testes in the sperm, so this method is not applicable to patients with unmarried. And the heat of the perineum can also play the same role.

  Treatment of prostatitis can be supplemented by zinc, selenium way to improve, in medicine, zinc, selenium elements can improve the body immunity, and enhance the body to kill bacteria ability to promote inflammation slowly subsided, it is recommended to take the edge of the Department of chewable tablets To add, it is rich in protein zinc, protein selenium, can be well absorbed by the body, while the diet can eat more zinc, selenium foods such as: sesame, eggs, animal liver, peanuts, lean meat, etc. This way slowly conditioning 2 months time, so that a comprehensive improvement of prostatitis. Daily attention to avoid holding back urine, sedentary, away from alcohol and tobacco spicy, to strengthen the movement.

  Daily life can be through the following methods to relieve prostatitis symptoms: eat more fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes, apples and walnuts. (Tomatoes are best cooked two eat) 2. Rape pollen conditioning, to adhere to, have been drinking, morning and evening fasting. It ‘s a bit hard, but it’ s hard to keep in .4. Adhere to the bath every night .5. Sports, exercise is very important, keep up and down jogging and rushing, often doing levator ani movement.

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