Congestive prostatitis

In daily life, the prostate is very important for male friends, bad habits can lead to a threat to the prostate. If left untreated, fertility might result.

Prostate congestion: due to a variety of different causes of prostate congestion, especially passive congestion, is an important risk factor. Sexual life is not normal sexual life, sexual intercourse was interrupted or too much masturbation, etc., can make the prostate is not normal congestion. But excessive sexual life control, but also produce a long time of automatic excitement, resulting in passive congestion.2, direct oppression perineum: riding a bike, riding, long sedentary and so can make the prostate congestion, especially to ride a bike for the.3, drinking: drinking can make genital congestion and cause sexual excitement.4, massage too heavy: excessive massage when the prostate massage or too frequent, etc., which is iatrogenic congestion.5, cold cold: the prostate is rich in α adrenergic receptors, in the cold, can cause sympathetic nerve activity, resulting in increased urinary tract pressure, obstruction of excretion, the prostate tube also due to contraction and obstruction of excretion, resulting in sedative congestion.6, microbial infection: a variety of microorganisms, such as bacteria, protozoa, fungi, viruses and other diseases can become infected, but the bacteria is the most common.7, autoimmune factors: chronic prostatitis and autoimmune immune factors have a certain relationship, an allergic reaction to a virus can also lead to inflammation.8, mental state: also affect the severity of a factor.Chronic prostatitis care is an important measure of treatment, such as no good care, drug treatment alone is ineffective.

  What is congestive prostatitis? what’s going on?

Causes of congestive prostate are:Bad habits. Men if long-term sedentary, riding and other behavioral habits of male congestion is one of the reasons for prostatitis. The reason is that these actions, if long-term retention will lead to prostatitis by oppression, so the blood flow is blocked, leading to congestion.Bad life. When men are sexually active, they will be congested, and if men are frequent for a long time, they can cause sexual / organ long-term hyperemia, and too much hand / prostitution will have the same effect. So irregular sexual behavior is also the cause of congestive prostatitis.There are many reasons for the cause of congestion, so the daily life of male friends should try to avoid. Such as: to avoid alcohol, eating spicy food, to avoid cold, to avoid inappropriate, frequent prostate massage and so on.

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