Chronic Prostatitis Prognosis

The chronic prostatitis symptoms are changeable. The chronic prostatitis easily recurs. But it will not cause the serious result. It is a kind of slow developing disease which will not cause the fatal result. Generally speaking, the chronic prostatitis prognosis is fine. There is no evidence indicates that the prostatitis must develop into the hyperplasia of prostatitis. And there is no evidence indicates that the prostatitis will evolve into the prostatitis cancer.

In fact, the chronic prostatitis is not a great disease. Some scholars descript it as the” refractory but small disease”. The patients will get recover rapidly if they take less notice of the disease. On the contrary, the chronic prostatitis will become more obvious if the patients pay too much attention to it. Therefore, the chronic prostatits is close related to the mental state.

   It is unnecessary for the patients to worry that if the prostaitis will affect the sex function and the infertility or not. The patients who suffer from the prostatitis can have the normal sex intercourse. A lot of the patients who suffer from the prostaitis bear sons and daughters as the normal people. So the state of the mind decides the prognosis of the chronic prostatitis. The patients will easily get recover with less recurrence if they are in an easy mood.

The patients suffering from the chronic prostatitis are easily getting full recovery if they follow the following points as below. First, the patients should pay attention to the living life and cultivate the good life habit. The patients should avoid being too tired and having a cold. They are forbidden to eat spicy food. They should drink more water and do more exercise. They should keep the regular living and try not to eat fat food. They are not suggested to drink alcohol. The long sitting is not appropriate for the patients. They should use their bikes less. They should not sit in the wet place. The sexual intercourse should be appropriate. It should not be too frequent and the sensual passion should not be suppressing. Second, the patients should cultivate their own interests. They should do some sport exercise to divert the attention from the prostatitis mental burden. They should eliminate their mood of anxiety to prevent the mental symptoms.

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