Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis Cure Rate

Is the chronic bacterial prostatitis cure rate high? Can the chronic bacterial prostatitis be cured? How can the patients get recover from the chronic bacterial prostatitis? These become the main questions nowadays. The chronic bacterial prostatitis becomes one of the major diseases which troubled the male now. Many reasons cause the chronic prostatitis such as infection of chlamydiainsobriety of sex intercourse、poor personal hygiene、too much mental stress and low immunity.

The chronic prostatitis is one of the common diseases in the genital system. It occurs to the young man at the age 20 to 40. The chronic prostatitis rate is high. According to statistics, 35% to 40% men above 35 years old suffer from chronic bacterial prostatitis. These patients occupy about 1/4 of the male patients in the urinary surgery. There is no serious result from the chronic prostatitis. The disease does not affect life and working. But the accompanied disease such as sexual dysfunction、erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. These diseases will cause the mental burden which usually exceeds the disease itself.

The treatment effect is not only related to the method of the treatment, but also is related to the mental state、self-care、working strength and study stress and so on. The patients at the obscurity period or at the early stage of the disease will be cured by the normal treatment which is used for curing urinary tract infection. Therefore, these patients miss the best time for curing the chronic prostatitis. It is rather believable that the curing rate of the chronic bacterial prostatitis is about from 30% to 50%. Of course, the incurable disease does not mean the disease is uncontrollable. Majority of the chronic bacterial prostatitis can be controlled if the patients insist the standard and reasonable treatment.

The patients should pay attention to keep fit after they get full recovery from the prostatitis. They should eat the light foods and digestible foods. They are suggested to eat more vegetables and fruits and less spicy food. The alcohol is not allowed. The patients should eat pumpkin seed. The tomatoes and eggs should be cooked for the patients to eat. They should keep normal sexual intercourse. Fleshliness and suppressing sensual passion are not good for the patients. The patients are not suggested to hold the urine. The above mentioned is helpful for the prevention of the recurrence of the prostatitis.

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