BPH Treatment

BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia )Treatment : This condition can be Mostly Found Among Patients Ages Ranging From 45-65 . The Reason for the Older Patients More likely to Suffer from BPH Is due to the 2 Different phases of Prostate Growth Among Human beings .

First Phase of Prostate development that is the Growth starts from Age one to 25 While the Second phase of the Prostate gland development will Start from 26 yrs of age to 50/60 .

During the First Phase the Growth of the Prostate gland is Mostly Normal which doesn’t Cause any kind of Symptoms or Problems , But during the second phase the Prostate Gland may grow Abnormally where we can see an enlargement of the Prostate by examining physically .

The Prostate Gland which is Present Just Below the Bladder and it is Surrounding the Urethra , while the Gland Starts Enlarging the Prostate Glad which is Surrounding the Urethra Pinches or Contracts the Urethra thus Patients starts having symptoms such as Weak Urine flow , pain during ejaculation , pain during urination . So there will be difficulties for the Urine to Pass through the Urethra because of which the patient may feel that his bladder can not be empty and feeling to go to urine frequently as the bladder has not been empty , this is the reason why the patients during the Night has a frequent Urination Problem .

BPH Treatment Options :

As soon as the patients first diagnosed with the BPH The doctors prescribe them with antibiotics which may or may not help them to deal with their symptoms , as the symptoms worsens the Patients looking for a long term treatment are being prescribed by simple Prostatectomy in which the a Partial Prostate gland will be removed with the help of a surgery which may cost you 45000 USD Including Anesthesia fees , after removal of the partial Prostate gland the Patients may feel better after the recovery . we have seen large number of cases where the patients return to hospital with the secondary surgical infections or recurring symptoms which occurs due to the Re growth of Prostate Gland which may even Started infection or an inflammation in it . so the Doctor usually prescribes the patients with another combination of antibiotics which brings the Patients back to Hospital in few weeks to few months complaining that the treatment was not successful .

Alternative Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for BPH:

Dr.Ming’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Called Nanke Pills have been treating Thousands Of patients suffering from BPH , While the Treatment consists of Oral Herbal medication along with the diet . According to Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been practicing Since 3500 years the Prostatitis is The condition where the Body with increased Damp heat providing the Prostate glad to enlarge or contain inflammation .

The oral herbal medication Nanke Pills  going to reduce the heat in the body and regulate the Blood Circulation which balances positive and negative energies in the body , as the Traditional Chinese Medicine States due to the increased Damp heat in the body the imbalance of positive and negative energies happens which has a great impact on the excretory system or reproductive system in our body where the heat is trying to eliminate itself , while with out proper herbs the heat is unable to eliminate and causing such conditions like prostatitis .

Dr.Ming Says the Condition like BHP Can be easily treated with Nanke Pills if the patient does follow the Diet along with the medication .Dr.Ming says that Understanding the Patients condition is very important before he start any Treatment with the Nanke Pills .

 You can contact Dr.Ming with your Detailed Disease History and Symptoms you are going through and Recent Test reports so that Dr.Ming can go thorough your Case and provide you the Best treatment for BHP.

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