Acute Bacterial Prostatitis Treatment

Acute Bacterial Prostatitis Treatment

The acute bacterial prostatitis is the acute inflammation in the body of the prostate and in the gland duct. It is caused by the bacterial or by the toxin.

The Clinical features of the acute bacterial prostatitis

1.The acute bacterial prostatitis is the sudden happening disease with chill and ardent fever. The patient feels ache at the lumbosacral portion and at the perineum. The patient suffers from frequent urination, urgent urination, and urinalgia.

2.Dysuresia or acute urinary retention may happen to the patient.The acute cystitis is accompanied.

3.The prostatitis is enlarged. The haphalgesia is obvious. The temperature of part position of the prostatitis goes high. The surface is smooth and forms the abscess full the senses of satiety and waving.

The diagnose of the acute bacterial prostatitis

1.The symptoms and signs of the body

(1)The patient feels tenderness in the lower abdomen.The tenderness is positive. There are purulent discharges in the urethra.

(2)The enlargement of the body of the prostate is obvious. The surface of the body of the prostate is smooth and regular. The tenderness is obvious. The abscess is formed if the bowel has fluctuation. Sometimes the perineum is red and swollen with tenderness.

2.Laboratory examination

(1)The counts of the white blood cells and the neutrophils go higher.

(2)The routine urine test of the acute prostatitis which is caused by blood infection is normal. There are inflammatory changes inside the urine when the prostatitis is caused by urinary tract infection.

(3)The examination for the prostate liquid: Lecithin is reduced or the lecithin disappears. There are more than 10 white blood cells of high power field.

3 The acute bacterial prostatitis can be clearly diagnosed according to the medical history、symptoms、signs and the test results. If the symptoms of the acute bacterial prostatitis continue for more than 1 week and the counts of the white blood cell go high rapidly, the patient will feel severe pain in the perineum and in the anus. The symptoms of the lower urinary are aggravated. The abscess should be considered to be formed when the acute retention of urine happens.

The traditional Chinese medicine treatment for the acute bacterial prostatitis

(1)Damp-heat invading lower indication: frequent urination、urgent urination and urethral burning、yellow urine or even blood urine、fall-swell of perineum、constipation、the red and yellow tongue、thready and slippery pulse or number of strings of pulse.

The method of the treatment: clearing heat and promoting dieresis.

Prescription: 10 grams akebiaquinata10 grams semen plantaginis( wrap-boiling)、10 grams golden cypress、10 grams plaque accumulation, 6 grams jasmine、6 grams licorice、6 grams rheum officinale, 15 grams wild chrysanthemum flower and 15 grams dandelion.

(2)Exuberance of heat-toxin: Continued hyperthermia. The patient is thirsty and likes cold drink. The patient feels painful because of the fall-swelling and burning at the perineum. This kind of pain will extend to the two sides of the partes inguinalis or to the waist. The urine becomes less or becomes anuretic. The urine drops of gonorrhea or of purulent blood and urine. The patient has the constipation or tenesmus. And the reddened tongue is with yellow fur.  The patient has the slippery and rapid pulse.

The method of the treatment: dispelling heat and toxins

Prescription: 6 grams felwort、6 grams rheum officinale、6 grams mirabilite10 grams scutellaria baicalensis10 grams fine licorice root、10 grams semen plantaginis( wrap-boiling)、10 grams golden cypress、15 grams herba patriniae、15 grams dandelion and 12 grams jasmine.

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